Wednesday, August 12, 2009


After three weeks, and three home pregnancy tests that were all negative, I gave up on my period coming naturally. I called the doctor yesterday and got a prescription to make my period come.
When I picked up the prescription, the lady at the counter asked if I had any questions. I did because I had forgotten to ask my doctor how soon my period would come after taking the 10 doses of medroxyprogesterone. She went to get the pharmacist, who said "what was the questions?" So I repeated it, and he said it should come within a day or two of the last dose. He left, and then the lady says, "weird that someone WANTS their period to come." So I responded with "well, it kind of needs to come if we are going to proceed with what comes next in trying for a baby." She responded with, "you're trying to get pregnant?" "yes." Even though I really wanted to say "what do you think 'trying for a baby' means?" And I also really wanted to say, "well, it's not exactly good formy body to NEVER have a period. And although I do enjoy the convenience of not having it, it's kind of necessary." But I didn't think she would understand.

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