Sunday, March 27, 2011

spring cleaning

I finally reached my breaking point with the piles in our bedroom. D still has his, but I wanted to fix mine. I filled two trash bags with things to donate, which was the majority of the pile. I'd decide that something didn't fit quite right or whatever and throw it on the donate pile. Problem is that the donate pile was taking over the room. So that is fixed. My other big project this weekend is sewing. I have material to make three dresses for work, two of which I'm going to use a pattern. The third, I love the material, but have a different vision for what the final dress should look like and it doesn't match the patterns I have. So that one I am saving for last, and will see if I can create what I have in my head. I am off to cut material now!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

hope flicker

My period was late this month. It's been pretty regular my entire history of having periods, right on the dot of 28 days or earlier, never late. The only time it's been late was once on clomid, when I had a uterine polyp (three weeks late), and the month after IVF, it came on day 29. In the past year, it's been on day 26 or 27, so this month, day 26 came and went, day 27 came and went, day 28 came and went. By day 28, I started having the split-personality conversation in my head....

sane me: it's coming. I can feel it. should be any day now.

crazy me: what if this is it? we could be pregnant at the same time as our friend who is 3 months now!

sane me: don't be stupid. sure there's a teeny tiny chance that pregnancy could be achieved, but be realistic. it's not happening.

crazy me: but it could!!

sane me: shut it.

Day 29 came, I went to work, got home, got ready to work out, and then my period finally came.

I wasn't sad though, so apparently, in the pie chart that is my brain, "sane me" is definitely more than half.