Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our first fertility specialist appointment

Well, we had our first appointment. Mostly just going over our records, but D got blood drawn to test for STD's. Apparently, they do this standard before doing a semen analysis so that they know if they need to take extra precautions with the sample. Once those results are in, D will have another semen analysis done. The fertility center's lab looks for other things that the general lab doesn't, so the doctor said the results might be better than what he got before.As for me, I got my first vaginal ultrasound. Not too bad except for the one ovary hiding behind my uterus, so I got the wand jammed into me a bit. There was a blob in my uterus, and my first thought was "holy shit, am I actually pregnant?" But then the doctor said it was probably a polyp, but she wants me to take a pregnancy test tomorrow just in case. Then she measured my ovaries because they were freaking huge. She said they were probably hyperstimulated from the last round of Clomid. So once my period starts, I have to call to get day 3 bloodwork drawn and set up a sonohysterogram to check on the polyp. If it is a polyp, then surgery will be required to remove it.
After all those things are done, then we will discuss the best approach for getting us pregnant.

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