Sunday, August 23, 2009

This Time I'm Pissed

Last night my odd friend (the one who SEVEN DAYS AGO said she wasn't sure she even wanted kids anymore) told me she just found out she is pregnant. She found out on her birthday weekend. How nice for her. She and her husband told us this in the parking lot as we were leaving a rather fun karaoke party. So my night ended with me crying my eyes out on the drive home, and then for another half hour once we were home. My husband was awesome as usual, holding me until I was done, telling me that we would be next.

The other couple told us that as well. "We're pregnant; this means your next." Really? Does it? Or will it be three (or more) others that I know just started trying? And then she said that she thinks sitting in the same room with her pregnant co-worker for 40 hours a week is what did it. Really? 40 hours a week for SEVEN MONTHS with a pregnant woman is what will do the trick, huh? And then her husband said the comment that made me walk away towards our car because I knew I was going to lose it because of me being pissed and sad at the same time. He said, "They better warn the last girl in the office about the water. hahaha!" Fucker. That's a fantastic thing to say to an infertile couple, a couple that he KNOWS is infertile. I think my husband and I would drinks gallons of that water a day if it actually worked.

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