Monday, August 24, 2009

It's a Fibroid!

I had the sonohysterogram this morning. Much easier than the hysterosalpingogram in February. The doctor today said that the amount of saline used is much less than the amount of dye used with the HSG, and that's usually what causes the discomfort. They only need the saline to open up the uterus a bit, and the dye needs to travel all the way through the fallopian tubes.

Anyway, I was wanded again with the ultrasound wand, and she checked out my ovaries. She thinks my cysts are smaller, but she wanted to compare the pictures to my previous pictures from a month ago. And the growth in my uterus is most likely a fibroid, and it's big and round. It currently takes up more than half of the space in my uterus. The doctor said that its picture belongs in a textbook. Well, that's something, right?

So once my period comes, I will call and set up a hysteroscopy/laparoscopy. It will be decided which one the morning of the procedure. If my ovarian cysts are smaller or gone altogether, then a hysteroscopy will be enough to remove the fibroid. If the cysts are the same size, then a laparoscopy will be done to remove both the cysts and the fibroid.

The doctor told us not to think of this as a wasted month, waiting to see what the cysts would do, because they wouldn't be able to proceed with any kind of treatment until they are gone anyway. Fertility drugs and ovarian cysts do not mix!

It's kind of scary knowing that I will have a type of surgery in about a month. The only surgery I've ever had was having teeth removed (two wisdom and four others before braces), so at least I have experienced anesthesia. But it's a surgery involving my uterus. I kind of need it to be done well since I definitely want to have kids. One of the risks with the kind of fibroid removal they will be doing is Cesarean delivery. As long as the baby has room to grow in my uterus, I don't really care how they get it out.

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