Saturday, October 24, 2009

more pregnant people

The other night I found out two co-workers are pregnant. One is married and had been trying for a while. One is a second year teacher, unmarried, and the pregnancy is the result of a one night stand with a total dirtbag that she met at a wedding. So her plan is to give the baby up for adoption. I cannot even imagine the pain of coming to that decision, and how hard it is going to be for her as a teacher. Teenagers are so very blunt, and will definitely ask questions. And she is one of the hot, young teachers, and super thin, so it's not like she can hide it or have people not notice it. From what I was told, she's having a very hard time dealing with it, but she is a firm believer in two parents for a baby, and that's why she's giving it up. Her roommate said that she cries almost every night. Poor thing. I'm jealous that she could get pregnant so easily, but I feel bad for her and her situation.

And why is it that the dirtbags have super potent sperm while my loving husband (who I think is amazing) doesn't?


  1. Yes, it's one of the great ironies in this world. But at least you know that being blessed with children has nothing to do with whether or not you deserve it.

    Don't you hate it when someone says, "oh it must be in the water" when it seems like everyone around you is getting pregnant? I want to say... "no, that's not it. I've been drinking plenty of water and nothing's happening here!"

  2. Ugh! I DO hate that! The husband of one of my friends said that to me and my husband when they told us of their pregnancy ("it's in the water" and "you're next" both came out of his mouth). He KNOWS that we have fertility problems too.