Saturday, October 10, 2009

phone tag

I called the insurance people again after getting the "explanation of benefits" statement saying that my hysteroscopy was not covered because they don't cover infertility treatments. The girl I talked to this time looked at the claim and said "it looks like we filed it correctly based on the doctor's diagnosis." When I asked what that diagnosis was, she said she couldn't tell me, but I could always talk to my doctor and have her send some notes to clarify.

Thus began the phone tag with the financial lady at the fertility clinic. When I finally talked to her, she was all " looks like they are denying all three of these." Um, yeah, that's kind of why I'm calling. Kind of hard to save for IVF if we have to pay an $11000 surgery bill. Then when I told her what the insurance girl said, she goes "but none of these have infertility as the diagnosis; they all say uterine myoma, endometriosis, etc." Which makes me think the insurance people are just being dicks since the claim came from fertility clinic. So now my doctor is writing some notes and the claim will be refiled.

So more waiting to see if they cover it this time. But waiting's the main activity with infertility, isn't it?

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