Saturday, September 18, 2010


My husband and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Halloween. Today, we bought the fabric to make my costume (top secret* until our Halloween party on the 30th), and a few props, and a few decorations, and a couple Halloween themed serving dishes.

On the menu for the party:

alien autopsy shots
hot apple cider (alcohol can be added by guest)
bright green punch (alcohol can be added by the guest)

witch finger cookies
spiderweb peanut butter rice krispy treats
marshmallow eyeballs in blood (cherry) sauce
"candy corn" trifles (angle food cake, orange colored vanilla pudding, lemon jello)

apples shaped like mouths with almonds for teeth, carmel sauce for dipping
bean dip served in a skull dish
mummy hot dogs (wrapped in crecent roll strips)
pizza topped with jack o lantern pepperonis
some other hearty dip served in a crockpot

*I will post pictures once it has been revealed. I know I still owe pictures for my redone roller derby tank top. I kind of suck at the whole loading pictures on my computer in order to upload them to a post.

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  1. Awesome!!! And, can I come? ;)

    (Thanks for your comment on my blog!)