Monday, October 4, 2010

mother in law

My mother in law is a whack job. I won't ever be able to express to you how insane and intrusive she actually is, but here's the latest.

She knows all about our infertility troubles and knows that we are not going to have children. She talks non-stop, and was rambling about the latest movies she has seen. She said she saw "Up" and loved it and thought it was adorable. I piped up with "I thought it was depressing." She goes "why??" In my head "really? you have no idea why I might think that movie is depressing?" In reality, I said "well, the couple couldn't have kids, so they planned to take this awesome trip together instead, and never got to." Her response was "well, at least he got to go, even if it was later in life." I said "but they didn't get to go TOGETHER and that was their whole plan, and it was sad that they didn't get to do that." Her response was "yeah, I guess some of the kids in the audience were sad." What?? I don't know of any CHILD that got how sad that movie was. You'd think an adult who actually knows someone with a similar life (can't have children, plans to take an awesome trip instead...) might see how the movie might be depressing as hell. But she didn't.

So I just shook my head, and bitched about her later to my husband. I love that he is okay with that (well, especially since he thinks she is insensitive and crazy too).


  1. Wow she is a total whack job. Glad your husband can see through her.

  2. My Ex-MIL and your MIL might be related, I am sorry that you have to deal with that. NO ONE should have to endure that. My Ex-MIL asked me to host a baby shower for a family member 3 months after I miscarried..... REALLY.

    I don't get it...
    PS - Love your blog - found you through Emily- Apron strings, she is such a sweetie pie.