Monday, September 6, 2010


So I have a conference I might go to in Denver on a Thursday and Friday. D said if he can get off work that weekend, he'd meet me there, and we can spend the weekend in Denver. So then we spent an hour looking up stuff to do.

Then I got the idea that a road trip in the fall to look at leaves changing would be fun, so I started looking up within a day drive spots. I found some cool things in northern Kansas, and then D found some cool stuff in southern Nebraska, so we have a whole round trip planned out. Some of the cool things we found are a pony express station, the biggest porch swing in the world, the center of the contiguous United States, the biggest ball of twine (and staying the night at the Ball of Twine Inn), although Weird Al misled me: I've always thought the biggest ball of twine was in Minnesota, when really he was singing about the biggest ball of twine that was IN Minnesota, not that the biggest ball of twine EVER was in Minnesota.

Now we just need to decide when.

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