Friday, February 5, 2010

first check-up since injections started

16 follicles: 12 small to medium sized ones on the right ovary, 3 tiny and 1 huge one on the left ovary. The nurse said they would probably let the huge one over-mature in order to get the other ones caught up in size. When she called later with my hormone levels, she said my estrogen was a little high (857) for it being only day 4.5 of injections. So now there is a risk of me ovulating early. So now my shot regimen is to continue the same dose of Menopur (150) along with a dose of Ganirelix in the mornings, and cut my Follistim in half (now 75). I'm hoping the Ganirelix does its job and acts like a nice glass of wine to calm my ovaries down.

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  1. Sounds like good news! I hope the rest of the cycle goes well!