Tuesday, February 9, 2010

last shot

So we did the trigger shot last night. That is my last home-given shot! When I talked to the nurse yesterday, she told me that the progesterone shots are cheaper than the suppositories, and since our insurance covers nothing, she suggested we go with those. The problem with that is that they go in my hip and D would have to give them. Well, he works nights, so it would be difficult to manage that every day. So suppositories it is! Fun, fun.


  1. Wow - that's great! I'm right behind you and will hopefully get to trigger next week...fingers are crossed! I hope all goes well. I'm not looking forward to the shot in the hip/butt at all. I'm seriously thinking about asking if we can do the other. The shots suck! Take care and good luck!

  2. Awesome! Suppositories are... interesting... just keep a light pad on at all times. Good luck tomorrow =)