Saturday, August 10, 2013

Almost back to school

Kids come back on Wednesday, so I've been doing the normal back to school in-service meetings and such at school.  I was taking care of something in the office with one of the secretaries, and another one shouts out "your son is adorable!"  I look around, wondering who just walked in, and realize she is looking at me.  I said "I don't have any kids."  She looks at me like I am crazy and said "no, you brought him in this morning."  I say again "I don't have any kids, so that wasn't me."  She still looks at me like I have lost it, so I say "who are you thinking of?"  And she replies with the name of a teacher that I often get confused with, even though we don't really look anything alike.  So I laughed it off and said "we get that a lot."  And as I was leaving the office, she called after me (laughing) "your son is cute!"

If this had happened a few years ago, I probably would have started crying and told her (and anyone within earshot) that I can't have kids.  And everyone would have felt horrible.  Yay for progress!


  1. I would have melted into tears as well as few years back, but not so anymore. Congrats on your progress.