Friday, September 6, 2013

new goals

When I assumed that I would have kids, many years ago, I had certain goals.  My parents lived sort of in the middle of nowhere, and while it was fun to be able to ride my bike around with little to no traffic, I never really got to hang out with any school friends, not until high school anyway.  So I used to want to live in a suburban area so that my kids could be in closer proximity to their friends.  I still had a fondness for the middle of nowhere lifestyle, but wanted something different for my kids.

Now that I won't be having kids, I really want to live in an area similar to my parents.  I want trees and a big porch and a huge property.  D wants to have enough space to have a shooting range and to be able to ride four wheelers around, and maybe horses too.  We wanted to retire somewhere more remote anyway, and my thought is that we could buy some property fairly close by sometime in the next decade and just commute to our jobs from the place where we will retire.  Maybe just buy land and build a house later.  And since we have no daycare costs, I think this plan is actually possible.  And that makes me very excited!

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  1. It's funny how your priorities change, isn't it? Dh & I bought a house in the suburbs with a big back yard "for the kids." We're hardly ever out there & it's a lot of work to mow & rake, etc. We've been talking for awhile now about buying a condo -- not in the city proper but somewhere out here, preferably close to the lake. There are starting to be more & more condos built out here, and not just young people buying them, but people (like us) who are retiring & downsizing. The fees can be a bit ridiculous :p but we both like the idea of less upkeep.