Monday, May 21, 2012

"annual" exam

After making excuses and putting it off, I finally made an appointment for my annual gyno exam!  I'm quite proud of myself.  The last time I was probed in any way was our IVF in February 2010.  The following summer should have been the time for my annual, but I decided I had been probed recently enough that I didn't need to schedule it.  Then the school year started, so I put it off again, thinking how hard it is to schedule an appointment for the late afternoon so that I don't have to miss any classes.  Then the next summer was spent writing new curriculum, so I avoided making the appointment again.  And then this school year started, so I fell back on the same "difficult to make an appointment" excuse...even though I didn't try, so I didn't REALLY know if that was true for the doctor I had chosen.  And now I am in the final week of the school year, so I took a break from grading and set up the appointment for over the summer when I have very few scheduling conflicts. 

The doctor I chose is a man that one of my friends recommended almost three years ago.  We had just started going to the fertility clinic, so I was not in need of a regular gyno yet, but his office is only a mile from my house, so his name has been in my head since then.  I was also leaning toward going to a male doctor this time because then I never have to deal with my gynecologist being pregnant.  I used to be reluctant to have a male gynecologist (didn't have a good experience at my very first exam, and that was with a man), but after all the infertility treatments, I know I can handle pretty much anyone poking around down long as they know what they are doing. 

And I'm looking forward to asking what they hell is going on that I now have PMS twice a cycle.  I'm going to ask if I need to have my hormone levels checked or something.  It's not for another three weeks, but the appointment is made, and I won't cancel.


  1. Good for you -- those regular Paps are so important. Hope they have some answers for your questions too.

  2. Good for you. You are right to be proud of yourself! We have to take care of ourselves, and doing that will hopefully help you feel more confident for the exam.

  3. I have been putting it off too. The last time I was in, my doctor asked if we were using birth control - I told her it wasn't necessary. She then went on to tell me that another patient of hers was 30 weeks pregnant and didn't know it. I just wanted to scream - it ain't happening...and I would know it! I suppose after that, why would I want to go back?!