Saturday, February 18, 2012

"It's OK if a Crazy Person Hates You"

Someone posted this from an article the other day.  These words are so true.  I've learned over the years that when someone decides they hate me for no apparent reason, I just let it go.  There's no arguing logically with a crazy person.  I've tried, and it never helps the situation.  The best bet is to let it blow over, and if it doesn't, did I really want them in my life?  And did I really want the people they influence to join them in hating me in my life?  Probably not.

I think this is part of my "shrug it off" attitude to most things.  Work-related politics, things I can't control, someone who judges me for not having kids....I just shrug it off.

I am pretty happy in my current life, and I've realized that I am very happy when I don't let other people's opinions undermine my own.

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