Monday, July 19, 2010

date night

My husband has mentioned more than once (rare) that he wants to see a certain movie (Knight and Day, he loves action). So we are going to go see it tonight, eat some dinner, and try a new bar that recently opened up. It's called Indulgence Lounge. Should be fun!

Oh, and just to keep in theme of this whole blog: we don't have to worry about a babysitter!


  1. How was Date Night ????

    We don't need a sitter either. :(

  2. Date night was good. The movie was cute and worth the price of admission, but not really a "I must buy this when it comes out on DVD" movie. The bar was nice, dim but not too dim lighting, and I had a drink called "Godiva Kiss" which was basically chocolate-y heaven.

    I'm sorry you don't need a sitter, Sweet Pea. I'm sorry I don't need one either, but I'm trying to switch my brain into thinking of that as a positive. Some days it is easier than others.