Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm getting really tired of people asking if we've thought about adoption. I want to shout at them "What??? adoption??? I've never heard of it. You mean, they just give out babies?!?!"

Of COURSE, we've talked about adoption (what infertile hasn't), but it's not for us. And I'm perfectly okay telling people this, although I do feel a little bad telling people who are adopted that I feel that way; I feel like I'm saying "we wouldn't want a kid like YOU."

And I have one friend who is technically adopted, but he is adopted by his stepdad. So all his dad had to do was marry my friend's mom. No home visits, no intrusive questionings. A little paperwork, and he was done. My friend likes to tell me how awesome his life turned out because of his dad. Anytime I mention that D and I are not going to be having kids now, this friend says something like "unless you adopt..." I kind of want to tell him to fuck off because his adoption is not even close to what ours would look like if we were to choose that.

But since we are not choosing that, I just smile and nod. For now. ;)


  1. There are so many questions people ask. And every answer is met with more questions, some level of judgment, or a combination of both. It gets so tiring to keep smiling and nodding to all the "answers" people seem to have for our lives. I feel you!

  2. My parents adopted 2 before getting pregnant with me. My dad always brings up adoption to me and that J and I should adopt. I simply tell people that adoption takes a special person/couple and that is not us. People ususally back off!

  3. Ugh, I hate that question, too! As if you can pop into the corner orphanage and select a baby and take it home with you...