Thursday, June 24, 2010


In December, when we were optimistic that IVF would work, we painted the spare bedroom a nice gender-neutral shade of green. When science failed us, and that meant moving on to life without children, we had to decide what to do with that room. I didn't want it to just be a spare bedroom for guests because the idea of it sitting unused and having to walk by it was going to be too sad to bear. D has his "man cave" in the basement where he has a workbench to do all his gun work, so we decided that the spare room would be my "woman cave." It now has my oversized chair and ottoman, my bookshelves and books, and my sewing machine. I love it! It is incredibly cozy, and our two cats love it too. They might be in it more than I am!

We have also purchased a foosball table; I've wanted one since I was probably 12 years old when my uncle had one that we played on all the time. (Funny, I used to say I knew I wanted to have kids since I was 12, but owning a foosball table is something I can actually control.) Along with the foosball table, we are sort or reorganizing/redecorating the basement. It already had a pool table and a bar, and I bought D an electronic dart board for his birthday last year, and now we have the foosball table. Since it is quickly becoming the ultimate gaming room, we decided that buying some bookshelves to house all our board games would be a good idea, so that they are visible and not shoved in a closet somewhere. So once we have the shelves put together, we will be set.

It feels really good to be doing something together for our home, as a couple. The only thing that we've done together for us in the past two years is our vegetable garden (which did rather well considering that neither of us has ever been able to keep a houseplant alive!). All other energy was directed at making a baby. Now that that is over for us, we have all this spare energy to redirect. I'm just thankful that we are redirecting it at a project for both of us, and not sort of going our separate ways. I guess it feel like a reconnecting sort of thing.

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  1. Congrats on the "Woman cave". It is good to do something other than work on a baby. Best of luck!