Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I was feeling a need for a crying session, so I watched Up. Yikes. Instead of a simple release, I got a major sobbing session. I pretty much cried off and on throughout the whole movie. I guess I needed it because I feel better now.


  1. Somedays we just need that release that a good crying session brings with it. I too have "those" movies that I know whenever I watch them, will make me have a good cry, one I know will guarantee me full body racking sobs and I ALWAYS feel better afterwards, like someone cleared all the cobwebs out of my mind.

    Crying is good for the soul.


  2. Glad that the movie "lifted" your spirits ... pun *definitely* intended! :-)

    I am definitely one that finds it difficult to let the floodgates open. I'm good at getting emotional and teary-eyed ... but I always find that I hold back the tears more than I let it out.

    Hmmm ... thinking I'll take your lead and watch "Up" in the next couple of days ...

  3. I was a sobbing, snotty, puffy-eyed mess after watching UP. I loved it, but needed massive amounts of fluid to rehydrate afterward.

    Cartoons. They get me every time...