Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So now I have a friend who doesn't want kids ever who thinks she might be pregnant. She made a post (most of us communicate/keep in touch via livejournal) asking for advice and early pregnancy symptoms from those who have been pregnant. I was surprised at how many people I know who have had abortions. I've always been pro-choice, so that's not really the issue. But it just drove home to me how random infertility is. Several of the women who had abortions now are either pregnant or have recently had a baby. I've never even thought I might be pregnant (except for the month since D and I started trying that my period was late thanks to hyperstimulated ovaries), yet I want to be so badly. These women have thrown away chances at babies, yet were still able to conceive when they wanted to. It just sucks all around.

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