Thursday, December 17, 2009

punch to the gut

I had been doing so well. Plans for starting the IVF process in January were keeping me relatively optimistic. A few pregnancy announcements have come up, and I didn't cry at all....until last night. D's mom sent some cryptic email asking if we had talked to D's sister lately. Um, we never talk to her. So D's dad called last night (after D and I saw the Rifftrax - formerly the guys from Mystery Science Theater - presentation of some Christmas shorts; I haven't laughed that hard in a long time) to tell us that D's sister is pregnant. She had her first kid her senior year of high school, and has talked a lot about how she doesn't want another one. Her son is now almost 11. So she was preventing pregnancy, doesn't want a baby, yet she ends up pregnant.

I can handle the pregnancy announcements that come from people who were trying (even if they get pregnant on the second try, I at least know they WANT a baby), but the ones who were using fucking birth control and still manage to get pregnant? I have a little trouble dealing with those.

So I ended up crying on the drive home. Which really pissed me off because D and I were having such a nice night otherwise.

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