Saturday, November 7, 2009

D's urologist appt

Well, D went to the urologist suggested by Dr. G. I asked how it went, and D said "I got fondled....and a finger up the butt." So we went for Chinese food for dinner as D's treat (our tradition is to get a treat of the invasive/uncomfortable-procedure-victim's choice). We were going to get TCBY for dessert, but apparently they have now closed.


The urologist said he found a small varicocele which could be causing the problem with motility, but he kept saying D's numbers were good enough to get me pregnant (since his count and morphology are in normal ranges). I'm sure if I wasn't already 34, and we had the option of being patient, it could maybe happen on its own. I mean, there has to be a super swimmer able to get past all the slow ones at some point! But the varicocele surgery, with all the anesthesia that goes with it, would be a good chunk of money. And our insurance won't cover it since it is for sure for fertility this time. The urologist said there was a 50/50 chance of it helping, but D said his tone impled that it would not.

So our choices are:
1) D has the surgery and we use our IVF savings to pay for it. Then if it works, we have a real chance of getting pregnant naturally. If it doesn't, we have no chance and no money for IVF.

2) D does not have the surgery and we continue on our plan to do IVF in early 2010.

So we have chosen option 2. We feel that IVF at least gives us a real fighting chance...even though the odds given to us are the same as the varicocele surgery. Maybe it's not logical, but it feels right to us. And even going in to the urology appointment, D and I had discussed the time frame for a corrective treatment for him, and we had kind of decided that unless the odds of it helping were VERY good, we would probably still pursue IVF.

So that's where we are. Same place we were two weeks ago, but we feel like we are a little more confident that IVF is the route for us...and that there wasn't some magical urology fix for D.

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