Friday, September 25, 2009

the results are in

Well, our options are either donor sperm or IVF. D's parents are pretty supportive (they want a grandbaby last year!), so they are going to give us some money to help pay for IVF if we decide to go that route. D is not too keen on the idea of donor sperm, and I don't blame him. I could see us using donor eggs if our issue was my eggs, simply because it would be D's sperm, and the baby would grow in my uterus, so we'd both have a connection. It would be much harder for D to feel a connection if we used donor sperm.

D made an appointment with a urologist for November 4th, just to see if there could be a cause for all his numbers being good except for the motility being SUPER low. Post-wash, there were only 180,000 viable sperm left, after starting with 160,000,000. So not only IVF, but ICSI as well.

So while we wait for the urologist appointment and the subsequent waiting for the results, we will be figuring out how to pay for the rest of the IVF treatments, or as I like to call it, our threeway with science. We both want to at least TRY for a baby that is part of both of us before we look into adoption.

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