Tuesday, September 8, 2009

it's all set

Surgery is set for Monday, the 14th. I have a pre-op appointment Thursday morning to determine if I need the laparoscopy too or just the hysteroscopy. I know my period should be done by Monday for the main surgery, but it definitely will not be done for Thursday's exam. I know they've seen bleeding before, but it still grosses me out to be bleeding on the exam table.

Trying to actually speak to someone during my plan time today at school was a nightmare. Of course, the nurses were busy, so I had to leave a voicemail, and then worry that they'd be calling me back during class. Do I take the call, and try to have a private conversation in the hallway, or do I let it go to voicemail and continue the phone tag? I missed one call and so was forced to continue the fun fun game of tag, but I did catch one from the nurse at the site of the surgery. When I went back in to my classroom, one of the kids goes "are you dying?" Very sensitive. I teach high school, by the way, and this was my class of seniors. Nice, right?

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