Friday, October 7, 2011

Really? Two months?

1.  I've been crazy busy.  It's surprising how stressful and busy I still am even though I have a student teacher this semester.  Of course, if he could handle the full workload of a teacher, I would be a lot less stressed.

2.  I really need to make an appointment for my "annual" exam.  It's been a year and a half since our failed IVF, and that's the last time I was probed and prodded.  My original OB/GYN sucked ass, and then I was at the RE's office, so I need a new doctor to go to.  I have one in mind that a friend recommended a long time ago; I just haven't gotten off my ass to make the call.

3.  My period is slightly out of whack.  It seems to be a couple days late (so I start on day 30) for one month, and then start on day 26 for several months, and repeat.  This most recent month was a day 30/early 31 start.  After six months of starting on day 26, day 30 feels very late.  I had all sorts of thoughts running through my mind.  At first, surprisingly, it was "shit, if I'm pregnant, everything sucks; I have to get rid of my girl room; we can't travel as much; etc."  Then a couple days later, with still no sign of a period "maybe this is it; we can make it work even though my mind has completely switched over to being GOOD with not having kids; and now we will fit in with everyone else."  The next night, my period came.  I think the bitch was just fucking with me.  "Oh, you think you are all well-adjusted?  Let's see what kind of a mind-fuck I can cause by being a few days later than expected."

4.  My friend that I threw the shower for had her baby girl.  And things have instantly changed between us.  I knew change was inevitable, but I didn't think it would be so sudden.  As one of her closest friends, D and I were okayed to come over within a couple days of the birth, so we did, but were pretty quickly rushed out of the house.  It's a 45 minute drive to their house from ours, and we were inside for less than 20 minutes.  It just felt kind of shitty, especially knowing that there were other friends (who are currently baby-crazy) that were there for much, much longer.  And now every other day is a post by someone other than the new parents gushing about the baby.  I think I'd be okay if it was the parents doing it, but all the fans make me want to puke.  I think we'd be more accepted to hang out with if we gushed over the baby, but I just can't do that anymore.  I still like babies and think they are adorable, but I've trained my brain to focus on the not-so-cute aspects of it, like the bags under the new parents' eyes, or the posts about not getting any sleep because the baby cried all night.

5.  Future trips are being talked about.  We are going to D.C. again because my dad's Vietnam company's reunion is there this year, and they like the kids to come.  The last one we want to was in Branson, and the guys rode go-carts, and were ramming each other trying to pass.  It was hilarious until my dad got kicked off the track for the day.  His friends were trying to talk him in to getting back in line, but he didn't want to cause any trouble.  I told him that it was teenage boys running the track, so if he took off his hat, they'd never know he was the same guy.  So he got back in line, and rode the go-carts exactly the same way he did to cause his getting kicked off!  Now that he needs a cane to walk around much, I mentioned all the walking that D.C. required, and he said that a bunch of the guys are going to rent scooters.  So I am fully expecting them to drive them exactly the same way they drove the go-carts, and I really need to see that in person.  So saving has begun for that trip.  And since a family function doesn't count as our "no kids summer trip," we are planning something else.  We have a few ideas, but nothing set yet.  It will really depend on money after D.C.

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  1. 3. I can relate to this. It even occurred to me to have myself sterilized 'coz it's just tiring to have this kind of mind game. Btw, my period is between 31-43 days (normally 35-37 days), but a few months ago it was 3 days later than 43 days.

    4. (((HUGS))) Sorry that you had to go through all this.

    5. HAVE FUN on the trip and on saving up money for the trip and other trips to come! :-D I can't help smiling when I read about how how the guys rode the go-carts he he...