Sunday, July 31, 2011

second annual no kids summer trip

This year we drove to Ohio to visit Cedar Point and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Sunday we drove 13 hours, Monday we got up bright and early for our one hour early entry into the park since we stayed at a Cedar Point resort (the cheaper off-site one), so that was awesome.  The park is so nice and clean and it has lots of trees so you aren't just baking in the sun all day.  The rides are awesome.  My favorite is Millenium Force.  D's favorite is Top Thrill Dragster.  Tuesday, we did the same thing, but rode everything we missed the first day, and rode our favorites again.  Wednesday, we slept in a little and then drove to Cleveland, had lunch, strolled through the museum, went inside Johnny Cash's tour bus (by far my favorite part of the museum), had dinner and drove back to Sandusky to sleep and pack.  Then on Thursday, we drove 13 hours home, and then Friday, I had to get up early for a work meeting.  So I have sat around doing mostly nothing for the weekend.

Noticeable childfree things: parents at an amusement park with their kids do not look happy most of the time, parents with young children don't get to ride rides together: they have to take turns.  So we definitely saw benefits to our childfree living.

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  1. Hi Jules! I haven't stopped by your blog in awhile. Glad to see you had a nice vacation. I think maybe that would be a good trip for us to take too. We've been to Cleveland but we didn't have time for the Rock and Roll Museum. We stopped at the boat across the way.

    I think it is funny how people who are childfree seem to have more fun at amusement parks. We went to Disney a couple of years ago and went in January. We had an absolute blast and one of my other friends who doesn't have kids goes there every year. I think it is the independence to be able to do everything and anything you want to do. Sure it would be fun to see the thrill in a kids eyes but maybe it is just as fun to see it is my hubbies too!