Tuesday, January 25, 2011

updated travel plans

Okay, I already posted about our upcoming DC trip. Since then, I have talked to my sister, who still currently lives in Phoenix, and one of our favorite authors (Kim Harrison) is releasing the 9th book of her Hollows series, and so is doing a signing tour. There isn't a stop near me closer than two hours away, and those are on school nights, BUT she is going to be in Tuscon on my sister's birthday weekend.

So D and I are going to fly to Phoenix Thursday night, hang with my sister and her husband on Friday, then sister road trip to Tuscon while the boys hang out on Saturday, we meet Kim Harrison (!!!), then drive back to do something fun for my sister's birthday that night. Fly home sunday evening.

So far on the itinerary is the Heart Attack Grill (D's choice: we ate there last time we visited and it is DELICIOUS), some authentic Mexican food (since we forgot to add this last time), and a "d box" movie experience.

I'm excited for this trip too. And I love that we can afford a somewhat spontaneous trip. And the only reason that we CAN afford it is because we don't have kids. If we had even one kid, all that money would be gone to pay for daycare. So yay!

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