Wednesday, December 22, 2010

end of semester

It's been a crazy busy, stressful few weeks finishing up the semester. Today was our last day until January 6th, so I get a nice two weeks off. To celebrate, I am treating myself to a hot stone massage tomorrow afternoon. Then D and I will have Christmas Eve lunch with his parents at a Chinese food buffet. Weird, I know. Since we will be driving to my parents' house Saturday morning (to avoid the nephew opening gifts Christmas morning), I thought we'd do Christmas Eve with D's parents. But, again, since we will be leaving the next morning, we didn't want to cook a big dinner and have a bunch of leftovers to sit in the fridge while we were out of town, so we thought we'd go out to dinner with them. D's mom didn't want to go to dinner somewhere, so instead wanted us to meet them for lunch at the China Buffet, that she and D's dad eat at once a week. Totally special. Have I mentioned how bat-shit crazy I think she is?

I'm looking forward to the visit with my parents; it's going to be several days instead of our usual quick three day weekend visits, so that will be nice.

Since today was a half day for the students, I basically just showed them their final exam scores, and their final semester grades, and then we watched Dr. Horrible. It was awesome.

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