Wednesday, August 4, 2010

well, I THOUGHT I was making progress

A few weeks ago, a friend told me she was pregnant, and my first reaction was happiness for her.

Today, I found out that another friend is pregnant with her second (her first just turned a year old), and it was an "oops" baby. My first reaction was to roll my eyes.

Is it the fact that it's an "oops" baby? I don't know, but I'm definitely not to the point of being happy for her yet.


  1. When I hear of an "oops" baby, I always feel a little jealous and angry. It must be nice to even think that a baby was an "oops". Sigh....

  2. There's just something about "Oops" babies that makes it just that much harder. On the other hand - I think the rolling your eyes is actually a sign that you are making progress. It's got to be a lot better than a huge wave of irrational jealousy - or a crying jag. I rolled my eyes at "oops" babies before IF anyway.

  3. I don't really believe in "oops" babies. Maybe when you're 15 and haven't learned about sex yet? Other than that, you know exactly how babies are made. It's aggravating to hear that story.

    Nice to come across another blog where you are no longer TTC, too. I want to show other infertiles that child-free is a good life, too! Found you through my friend, Fertility Foibles.

  4. Good call, Jenni. Eye rolling is a DEFINITE improvement to crying. :)

    And Infertile, welcome! There aren't many of us post-TTC-childfree-ers, but we are a fun group!