Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I normally love the winter Olympics. However, this year's gives me mixed feelings.

D and I had looked in to going to this year's winter games, but then we didn't get pregnant right away (our fantasy plan had my parents coming to stay at our house to watch the six month old baby when we went), so it became a waiting game. "I'm probably not going to want to go a month after giving birth." "I don't want to be 7 - 8 months pregnant when we go." "I don't want to be having morning sickness when we go." And then all our infertility troubles came to light, and suddenly the money we would have spent on a trip to the winter Olympics had to go towards IVF. Only a fraction of the IVF total though. The Olympics would have been surprisingly affordable since we would have been going to the earlier games/events, and with it being in Canada, the airfare wouldn't have been so bad.

So now we will be watching the games from home, and if my cyst goes away, the opening ceremonies will be smack in the middle of egg retrieval and embryo transfer. I'm going to act like that is a good sign.

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  1. It is a good sign! At least you are going to have something to keep you busy from stressing and obsessing all the time. There is always the next olimpics to go to in person, not in Canada, but still. Hope the cyst makes its way asap!