Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I got an award! Thanks, Sweet Pea! My positive NOW thought is that I am looking forward to starting my 12th school year as a high school math teacher. That and the Social Distortion concert tonight. Should be a good time even if it will make getting up early tomorrow a little difficult! For the future: I'm hoping that my husband and I continue to enjoy each other's company and continue to discover fun things to do together.

And now to pass on the award: Here's what you need to do ! Put that picture up; that one up there on your blog and blog about one thing you're happy about right now and one thing that you're hoping for in the future. You are acknowledging something that's making you smile right now and also putting out there that you have hope for thing one amazing thing to happen in the future, for you to bring you even more happiness! oh and then you have to pass this award onto anyone who you believe would benefit from looking at their surroundings, their life now and finding happiness in it!

The following women amaze me all the time with their strength and support, so I'd like to share this award with them: Jem, Danielle, msfitzita, Lu, and wifey. There are others, but they were already given the award on someone else's blog.

And I'd also like to give a shout out to Life Without Baby and Silent Sorority because without them, I wouldn't have found a lot of my support group members on the internet, along with the support found on their sites.


  1. Awwww, thank you! I just started my blog, but I honestly cannot imagine doing this without this amazing community of strong women and men. We have to hold each other up. And what I love most is that the support is there, no matter what path we choose to take in this journey. Thanks for being on mine with me. It means so much. And I'm honored to be part of yours.

  2. Thanks, Jules! Very much appreciate the shot out.

  3. How was that for an IF Freudian slip! "shot" ... I meant shout ;-)